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Slings & Arrows fic rec

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Jan. 2nd, 2009 | 07:54 pm
location: Chicagoland
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posted by: wiliqueen in horsechicks

If We Shadows by ariafic (1775 words, PG-13)

I think this might capture the tangle of love and crazy binding Geoffrey and Ellen and Oliver better than anything I've ever seen outside the show itself. Each of them is pitch-perfect, flaws and passion and all, the language is beautiful, and the structure is unconventional in a way that seems completely effortless and sensible and not the least bit forced or affected.

Geoffrey makes a small and quiet character choice, frozen there in the little white room and all its reflections. Ophelia has made her wantonness her ignorance; tonight Hamlet will not be merely acting a play. Oliver is always saying he wants more from Geoffrey, Geoffrey is capable of more, more. What Oliver wants, Oliver gets.

"Time is out of joint," he whispers to Hamlet in the mirror.


S&A is one of those shows where, however much I miss it and sometimes physically ache for more, I know it's done. The story, as it makes sense to tell it on television, is told. But man, there's some nice interstitial fic out there, and this is WAY up there.

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